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Electrolytic Manganese Metal

Electrolytic manganese metal refers to the elemental metal obtained from manganese ore through acid leaching, and then sent to the electrolytic cell for electrolysis.

Electrolytic manganese metal is easy to oxidize in the air, dissolve and replace when exposed to dilute acid Hydrogen can decompose water and release hydrogen when it is slightly higher than room temperature.

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Product Features

The appearance is iron-like, irregular flakes, firm and brittle, shiny on one side, rough on the other side, silvery white to brown, silvery gray after processing into powder.

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Product Parameters

Content of Elements DJMnG DJMnD DJMnP
% Mn 99.9 min 99.8 min 99.7 min
% C 0.01 max 0.02 max 0.03 max
% S 0.04 max 0.04 max 0.05 max
% P 0.001 max 0.002 max 0.002 max
% Si 0.002 max 0.005 max 0.01 max
% Se 0.0003 max 0.06 max 0.08 max
% Fe 0.006 max 0.03 max 0.03 max
% K(K2O) 0.005 max
% Na(Na2O) 0.005 max
% Ca(CaO) 0.015 max
% Mg(MgO) 0.02 max

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Application and After-Sales Service

1.The purity of electrolytic manganese is very high, and its function is to increase the hardness of metal materials. The most widely used are manganese copper alloy, manganese aluminum alloy, 200# series stainless steel, and manganese can improve the strength, toughness and wear resistance of the alloy in these alloys. Resistance and corrosion resistance.
2.Manganese metal and manganese alloy are one of the indispensable and important raw materials in the steel industry, aluminum alloy industry, magnetic material industry, and chemical industry.
3.With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of productivity, electrolytic manganese metal has been widely used in iron and steel smelting, non-ferrous metallurgy, electronic technology, chemical industry, environmental protection, and food hygiene due to its high purity and low impurity characteristics, welding electrode industry, aerospace industry and other fields.