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Ferro Chromium FeCr

Ferro chromium is an iron alloy composed of chromium and iron. It is an important alloy additive for steelmaking.According to different carbon content,ferro chrome can divided into high-carbon ferrochrome(10% C content),low-carbon ferrochrome(0.25%Ccontent),Micro-carbon,03%-0.15% ferrochrom(0. C content).

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Product Features

The lower the carbon content of ferrochrome, the more difficult it is to smelt, the higher the power consumption, and the higher the cost. Ferrochrome with a carbon content of less than 2% is suitable for smelting stainless steel, acid-resistant steel and other low-carbon chromium steels. Ferrochrome with a carbon content of more than 4% is commonly used to make ball bearing steel and steel for auto parts.

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Product Parameters

Product Name Type Content of Elements
Cr C Si P S
Range a b a b a b a b

Carbon FeCr

FeCr69C0.03 63.0-75.0     0.03 1.0   0.03   0.25  
FeCr69C0.06 63.0-75.0     0.06 1.0   0.03   0.25  
FeCr55C0.10   60.0 52.0 0.10 1.5 2.0 0.04 0.06 0.23  
FeCr69C0.15 63.0-75.0     0.15 1.0   0.03   0.25  

Carbon FeCr

FeCr69C0.25 63.0-75.0     0.25 1.0   0.03   0.25  

Carbon FeCr

FeCr55C10   60.0 52.0 10.0 1.5 5.0 0.04 0.06 0.04 0.06

Application and After-Sales Service

1.The addition of chromium to cast iron can increase hardness and improve wear resistance, and its mechanical properties can be improved by containing 0.5% to 1.0% chromium.
2.High-carbon ferro chrome is used as an alloying agent for ball steel, tool steel, die steel and high-speed steel, which can improve the hardenability of steel and increase the wear resistance and hardness of steel.
3.High-carbon ferro chrome and charge-grade ferrochrome are used in large quantities as charge for smelting stainless steel (AOD or VOD method) to reduce production costs.
4.Medium and low-carbon ferrochrome are used to produce medium and low-carbon structural steel, carburizing steel, gears, high-pressure blower blades, valve plates, etc.
5.Micro-carbon ferro chrome is used to produce stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, heat-resistant steel and electric heating alloys.