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High Carbon Silicon

Silicon carbon alloy is a new type of alloy used for converters, and can also be called high carbon ( HC ) silicon. Silicon carbon can reduce the usage of deoxidizer replacing ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, and recarburizer.

Silicon carbon alloy as a deoxidizer for converter steelmaking has a stable and reliable effect. The chemical composition, mechanical properties and internal control quality of the prepared steel are superior to traditional processes.

high carbon silicon 4

Product Features

Improve the quality of molten steel, improve product quality, improve product new capabilities, reduce the amount of alloy added, reduce steelmaking costs, and increase economic benefits.
1.Excellent Recycle Rate for Si upon the complex deoxidizer of Si&C
2.High Purity because of high contents of Si&C(At least 90%)
3.Excellent heating effects because of high content of Carbon
4.Shortened Operating Time
5.Easy control of Carbon Content

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Product Parameters

Type Content of Elements
% Si % C % P % S
Silicon Carbon 65 65 15 0.08 0.08
Silicon Carbon 68 68 18 0.08 0.08
Silicon Carbon 60 60 15 0.08 0.08

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Application and After-Sales Service

1.High-quality deoxidizer with stable performance in steelmaking.
2.Replace recarburizers, reduce steelmaking costs and increase economic benefits.
3.It is good substitute for ferro silicon in steel making which has advantage in reducing the making cost.
4.It is used as multi deoxidizer by silicon&carbon in carbon steel manufacturing.
5.High recovery rate of Si by carbon.
6.Less impurity because of high content of Si&C(the content of Si&C around 90%).
7.More efficient heating agent: Caloric value of Si&C: 6.58 kcal/g, 1.24 kcal/g each.