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Silicon Briquette Ball

Silicon briquette is the new product that our company developed. It’s a good substitute for Ferro silicon in steelmaking, which has advantage in reducing the cost of production and reusing resource.Now there are far and wide markets in domestic and oversea market.castable, SiC deoxidizing agent, compound recarburizer and Mn-C ball.

silicon briquette ball 4

Product Features

1.Our cement-bonded briquettes for use in the cupola furnace,electric are
Furnace and ladle furnace.
2.Our products are used as alloy carriers, carburizers, heat or deoxidation agents
during the melting process.
3.Aside from our standard products we also develop analytically a briquette
adapted to each special requirement.

silicon briquette ball 5

Product Parameters

Silicon ball is a composite deoxidizer for steelmaking, is produced by using silicon powder through computer automatic powder mixing, ball pressing, drying and other processes. Steelmaking replaces ferrosilicon special products with the purpose of reducing production costs and recycling resources. Reduce production costs for steel companies.

silicon briquette ball 6

Application and After-Sales Service

In addition to the processing of our own raw materials,we also offer our
customers the possibility of adding any remaining materials from their own
production process to our products, thereby supplying the resource to the
melting process again.